Monday, August 24, 2009


Lynne and 'Mantha are out for a bike ride. Just as they pass a policeman, Lynne describes a scene in which she has forced her way in somewhere, grabbed what she could and got out as soon as possible. The policeman stops them. Lynne, however, tells the policeman that she wasn't describing a robbery, but the Brown's buffet lunch, which was chaos. We then see that it was indeed chaos.

Lynne and 'Mantha do like to keep fit. This time they are on a tandem. Last time we saw the tandem, we made an assumption that George and Lynne were on holiday. It now may be that Lynne does in fact own a tandem. This is evidence that life was a lot more wholesome in the late 70s. How many tandems do you see now? Not many.

The level of policing in this town really is poor. This policeman is walking around hoping that he'll hear something and he can report back to the station. Is this what he does all day? "Any arrests today Constable?" "Nope, I didn't hear any crimes so there obviously weren't any." Does no one have a phone around there so the policeman have to hope to eavesdrop any crimes? He's actually very lucky. He's one step away from arresting Lynne for a crime that not only did she not commit, but didn't even exist. That's wrongful arrest and is treated very seriously. And did he expect Lynne to just admit to it? He lets her go because she said was describing a buffet. He doesn't try very hard. "Did you murder this man?" "No officer, he fell on my knife." "Righto, off you go then."

When Lynne is describing the Brown's buffet lunch, initially I assumed that the Brown's were a couple, much like the Barkers (who hold excellent summer parties). But this can't be the case, because who would have, when serving a lunch, the word 'lunch' plastered on their dining room wall. No, The Brown is a very popular restaurant in town which has a very well recommended buffet lunch which is very reasonably priced. In fact the food is so good that some of the clientele are physically shaking at the flavours and have to eat the food as soon as they can, standing up if need be. I can only imagine that the queue stretches round the block.


  1. Best entry ever. That must be some restaurant.

  2. What sort of buffet lunch has to have a large sign behind it saying "Lunch"? But then, the way it's all falling off the spoons and forks, maybe it wasn't that obvious it was edible?

  3. The Browns might have been holding a buffet lunch for charity, hence the sign. Although for that to work you would have to ignore the evidence of the apostrophe.

  4. Having now read the post about the Barker's summer party, I can see that the scriptwriter doesn't use apostrophes in the standard way, so that evidence can be discarded and makes me more confident in my charity theory.