Monday, August 10, 2009


Lynne and 'Mantha are outside. 'Mantha tells Lynne that Sammy is a great fan of the TV series 24. Just then, Sammy comes rushing out of the house much to the surprise of Lynne and 'Mantha. Sammy tells them that he only has 24 minutes to get the pub before last orders. Lynne jokes that Sammy's problems are greater than Jack Bauer, who is the main character in 24.

'Mantha has underestimated Lynne's knowledge of popular culture. She feels she has to insert the prefix of 'the TV series' before she says '24', however later we learn that Lynne not only knows the TV series, but also its main character. What sort of confusion was 'Mantha expecting? Would Lynne think that Sammy is a fan of the number 24 and 'Mantha was making light of his spiral into dementia and increasing obsessive compulsive disorder? Would Lynne think that Sammy has to do everything 24 times lest he gets into a panic and then starts having trouble breathing?

It seems quite light outside but Sammy is racing to get to last orders. What time of year is it? Even if it is in summer it will still be dark outside as last orders in pubs is traditionally at around 10:45pm, but can be as early as 10:35pm. This would make the time, at the earliest, 10:11pm and that would still be dark enough even at the height of summer. On the longest day of the year the sun could set as late as 9:22pm, but twilight only lasts for about 18 minutes, thus making it darkness at the latest 9:40pm; a good 30 minutes before Sammy has rushed out of the door. This leads us to two conclusions: either Sammy has mis-set his watch or he has lots of lights in his garden.

There is a case that Sammy has forgot to wind his watch forward at the onset of British Summer Time, but this is unlikely as it would still make the time 9:11pm, but still too early in the year (or is it late in the year?) for it to be light at that time. So the only solution is that Sammy has fixed a number of bright halogen lights in his front garden. Looking at his front garden, it does look like there are an awful lot of trees surrounding the house. It's as if the house is in a forest. Perhaps this is the reason for fitting the lights. The surrounding vegetation was blocking out so much sunlight that it was constant twilight in their front garden, which constantly confused Sammy about how much time he had to get to the pub.


  1. I love your blog so so so much.

  2. Hmmm - perhaps this indicates that George and Lynne live further North where sunset is later towards midsummer? Or maybe they are on yet another holiday with Mantha and Sammy? Licensing hours are now much freer than they used to be, although closing at 10:30 on a Sunday is still common, widening our margin of opportunity.

    Perhaps they're taking a time-travel holiday in 2000's Scotland from the 1970's SouthEast where they usually live?

  3. Isnn't George & Lynne set in the 1970s? Surely then the wider issue is that 'Mantha, Lynne and Sammy all have psychic powers that allow them to 'watch' TV shows that at best will first be broadcast to mere mortals in 21 years time. Or did they perhaps all become friends with Joel Surnow when he visited Lynne's yacht club once on a trip to the UK, and have been so taken with his proposed plotline for a TV show that they talk about it among themselves from time to time?

    Or is the 24 we know and love today just a pale imitation of a once great 70s show starring Terry Scott as a MI6 agent with a penchant for getting confessions with the aid of a melon baller?

  4. Maybe it was The 24th Annual Tony Awards with Julie Andrews?

  5. Don't forget that in the 1970s, pubs had to close after lunch, at about 3pm. This makes Sammy's dash to the bar even more tragic. I feel very sorry for him. Maybe George should stage an intervention soon.