Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Lynne and 'Mantha are out canoeing. Lynne tells 'Mantha that George is a fan of Lost. 'Mantha replies by saying that Sammy is also a fan of the show. She follows this up by saying the reason they like the show is that they like the idea of being stranded on an island with sexy women. They look over to see what looks like Sammy and George being manhandled by what look like fat ugly women and shout 'Bad Luck Boys!'

I'm very glad to see that Lynne and 'Mantha have decided to be a little more safety conscious than the last time they were on a boat, and in fact the time before that. Life jackets are an essential part of boating. Now that's been sorted, the next item on the agenda will be to buy 'Mantha some new earrings.

After the previous conversation about TV shows, Lynne tries to get some one-upmanship on 'Mantha by telling a show that George likes. She too prefixes the word Lost with the words 'the TV series' to avoid confusion. However, 'Mantha has got confused. She pre-empted this comment as Sammy has told her a list of TV shows he likes, Lost being one of them. She actually did think that Sammy was a fan of being lost and has somehow dumped him and George on Eel Pie Island - remember they all live near Wimbledon. Now George and Sammy truly are lost; oh the irony!

How are George and Sammy going to get home from Eel Pie Island? Will they have to befriend these ugly women to borrow a boat? Don't worry, there is a bridge on the north west side of the island which they can walk across. It will land them on the other side of the river to where they want to be but I'm sure they can phone their wives to pick them up. The only problem will be the deposit they have paid on their life jackets. Well George's deposit anyway who seems to have a white life jacket on while Sammy went against all safety regulations by just wearing his pink polo shirt.


  1. Is this the famous yacht that Lynne has been going on about? She is clearly prone to exaggeration about the size of things. Which will come as a relief to George, I'm sure.

  2. I'm still more worried about these psychic powers that George, Lynne and the Sams' have. Maybe Lynne said, "Lost In Space", but said the "in space" part really quietly. Or do you think that the words "TV Series" are code for something?

  3. I'd like to know how they're watching Lost and 24 in the seventies...

  4. Lestat, they are on holiday in the 2000's - they were discussing '24' a few days back.

  5. oh my on earth did they get into the 2000's ! They must be really underwelmed with how little life has changed, but wow that really is some holiday.

  6. Mantha always wears the same style of earrings. They look like she has made them from table tennis balls. Anything else would be too heavy, but she must get annoyed with them. Nevermind, it's her 'look' and she'll put up with them.
    In the last frame Lynne and Mantha won't get far as they're both paddling on the same side of the canoe. They'll be back at the island with the men and the munters within 30 strokes.