Thursday, August 6, 2009


Lynne is out and passes an unnamed woman. This woman talks to Lynne and says that the motto she lives by is never throw good money after bad. Lynne exclaims that this explains why the woman didn't put up bail for her husband when he was arrested recently for forging bank notes. The woman looks unimpressed while she walks away.

Once again, someone walks past the foreground to distract us from the conversation in the background; this time an attractive woman. She has nothing to do with the ensuing altercation between Lynne and the lady with the dog. The woman with the dog is, without doubt, being very condescending towards Lynne, hence her use of the word 'Darling'. Lynne must have asked her for some money, perhaps a new investment she has been thinking about. Or perhaps she has asked this woman, who she knows is rich, and as do we because she is wearing a large gold belt and walking a small dog - a sure sign of wealth, to donate some money to the yacht club which is in desperate need of a cash injection. That would actually explain why the woman gets a chance to tell Lynne what her motto is. Maybe even Lynne is in the street canvassing for donations.

Lynne is upset at the woman's lack of donation so it is time for her comeuppance. Lynne knows this woman, and decides that the whole street should know about her recent news involving her husband. Unfortunately, she chooses her sentence badly as it has far too many words in it to make a real impact. By the time she has got to 'didn't put up bail', the woman has picked up her designer dog, said 'Come on Princess Trixie, we don't need to listen to this rubbish' and stormed off in the direction of the new boutique. The other people in the street aren't interested either, which is a real shame as what Lynne has just said is incredibly ironic. In hindsight, calling her a cheap bitch may have had more impact.


  1. I believe the mystery woman in the foreground is the 4 husbands lady who delivers the punchline in 'Collections'.

  2. Good God you're right! She must have married a good man with money.