Thursday, August 13, 2009


George is in a swimming pool and asks Lynne, who is standing next to the swimming pool, whether she knows that Kate's husband can speak four languages. Lynne replies that she does know this and tells George that the four languages he speaks are French, German, Italian and foul, which implies that he swears a lot. She says all this whilst jumping into the pool.

Another weekend, another trip away for George and Lynne. Unless it's perpetually hot in the outskirts of Wimbledon, George and Lynne frequently take mini breaks to warmer climes. These surroundings certainly don't look like the Barker's so they must be abroad again. Perhaps this is the reason George mentions the languages spoken by Kate's husband. George has lambasted himself for, in his words, 'not understanding a bloody word round here,' and wishes he knew as many modern foreign languages as the unnamed husband of Kate. It certainly is a bind not being able to even ask for a loaf of bread whilst on holiday.

Lynne, the fountain of knowledge, knew this about Kate's husband. However, one language she doesn't mention is English. Kate's husband is therefore either French, German or Italian and his English is patchy. He therefore fills it with the expletives he has picked up from having only lived in England for a short while like a French exchange student, much to the amusement of Kate's friends who are oblivious to their jingoistic stereotyping of any foreigner in their company when all he wants is to fit in.

Finally we come to Lynne's aggressive entrance to the pool. It is totally unnecessary. She is obviously just trying to be playful towards George but her jump lands very close to George and he is not a natural swimmer. The lady in the pink bikini and the faceless man in the background give a stance that suggests being horrified at the loutish behaviour shown by this English couple. Kate's husband is not the only European that Lynne has upset recently.

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