Tuesday, August 4, 2009


George and Lynne are on a jetty. Lynne, who is sunbathing, tells George that the local yacht club have invited her to launch their new flagship. George asks if it's a bottle of champagne job, as in will she be smashing a bottle of champagne on the ship to launch it. Lynne replies that they will use a bottle of mineral water instead as times are heard, implying the yacht club don't have much money.

George and Lynne must be away again. This idyllic setting, which can incorporate such activities as fishing and sunbathing, is too nice for us not to have seen it before, thus implying that George and Lynne have just discovered it, perhaps in a brochure or magazine. The weather is warm, as Lynne is in a swimsuit, but not too warm as George is still wearing trousers and a shirt, although he has rolled the sleeves of his shirt up, showing that he too is feeling warm.

Why has Lynne been invited to launch the new ship? Is she a benefactor of the club? Is she a long time member? If so, why have we not seen her there before? Her involvement with the yacht club must be well known as George is not in the least bit surprised when Lynne tells him of the invitation. However, he does not seem to know much about the current financial situation of the yacht club as he assumes it will be the customary bottle of champagne launch. His knowledge of the yacht club extends to that so perhaps Lynne has done it before and it is now simply 'her turn' to launch this ship. As he does not know the financial situation of the yacht club, that would mean that Lynne does not talk about her involvement with the yacht club very much. If she was a benefactor or a lifelong member or the vice-president she may talk about the terrible problems the yacht club is facing.

Even though the yacht club is having financial difficulties, they have still decided to launch a new boat. But not just any boat, a flagship no less. This yacht could be in excess of 5o ft in length (I have to say my knowledge of yachts is akin to George's here) so it could be quite an expensive yacht. Wouldn't have been more appropriate to delay the purchase of this new yacht until these financial difficulties were overcome. As vice-president, I would have expected a little more from Lynne. This yacht club is on the brink of bankruptcy and she's authorising the purchase of a new flagship yacht. Well if it must be bought, the least she could do is bring a bottle of champagne herself.


  1. Also, do yacht clubs usually commission their own boats? My knowledge of yachts is also on a par with George's, but I always assumed that they were clubs for people who were already yacht owners, and didn't actually supply the yachts themselves. How would they pay for all their yachts? They must charge a huge subscription fee to members. George must be doing even better than we thought if Lynne can afford to belong to this club.

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