Monday, August 3, 2009


Lynne is having drinks with 3 friends. Lynne points out that all 4 women are into collecting things. Each woman in turn says what they are into. The final and bustiest woman claims she's into collecting husbands and that she's on number 4.

Lynne and her friends are at a wine bar. Lynne has pointed out that they are into collecting things. This may be a casual observation or it may stem from a previous conversation. As usual, from just delving into a snippet of Lynne's life, it is impossible to know exactly how this area of conversation has been arrived at. Also, we have no real way of knowing whether Lynne is wearing any clothes today. As her friends are dressed and it is inside, we'll have to assume Lynne is wearing a strapless cocktail dress.

Although we assumed that each woman in turn decides to say what they collect, this is not the case. Lynne doesn't tell us but the lady in the purple collects postcards or stamps and china figures. Do the postcards and stamps go in the same album? 'This is my china doll collection and in this drawer are a load of postcards and stamps. There's no real structure, but I like to keep them together.' If she does have a postcard and stamp collection, it might be time to get them in order. She may find that she has more stamps than postcards and she could separate them into two separate collections rather than one.

The last lady claims she collects husbands as she is on number 4. She must mean this as a joke, but the joke is on her. In order to have a collection of something, the items must really remain in her possession. Each previous husband is no longer in her possession so it can't be actually claimed as a collection. That is of course unless she keeps her ex-husbands in a basement feeding them fish heads. No, I don't think that is a possibility. A more accurate collection would be of marriage certificates. This could actually be something she could start collecting too by getting marriage certificates of celebrity couples. She could also collect divorce certificates, but she would only have three of those, and therefore not as impressive as her marriage certificate collection.

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