Monday, August 17, 2009


George is playing golf with an unnamed friend. During his swing, the unnamed friend tells George that he fell for the love of his life's sexy voice when they first met. George is curious and asks whet she said. The friend replies that she said 'You have the right to remain silent...' thus implying she was a police officer and was arresting him for something. This comment shocks George and makes him play a bad golf shot.

A relaxing day at the golf course is not without its incidents. The man may not be a good friend because this is the first time he is telling George about the time he met his wife, but then again, men in the 70s rarely talk about such things. However, the man never uses the words 'my wife' anywhere. Is he married to this police officer? Or, even worse, is he having an affair with her? He seems older than George so perhaps this love was an unrequited one stretching back to the 50s. Were there even women police officers back then? Women police were only fully integrated into the police force in 1973, and had limited powers of arrest until then. This means that the man has met this woman recently. He must be divorced and has a new object of his desires, a policewoman.

The man may have an eye for the ladies, but his golf course etiquette is something to be desired. What sort of self respecting golfer would recount a shocking end to an anecdote during his opponents tee shot? It's just not done! George should be furious and demand he take that shot again. The grin on the man's face shows that he is fully aware that the end to this anecdote will surprise George, therefore he should have said it after George's shot, that way they could have enjoyed it together as they walked up the fairway. This man could even be ejected from the course.

On closer inspection, this course must be public. Just look at how overgrown the grass is around the tee area as George places his tee in the ground. This must be the only course the man is allowed on in a 20 mile radius of Wimbledon. Banned for life, for bad timing.


  1. Nothing to do with golf - I've just realised with a shudder that I made that carpet featured in Mr Hughes' photograph. 3 million 3" pieces of wool!

  2. Based on the first panel, it seems that George's friend has something of a stammer. Perhaps this explains why he has to bark out the phrase during George's shot - the poor man is worried that he may not be able to get the whole sentence out at once. We might otherwise have been forced to wait for several more days of 3 panel strips before he managed to finish.

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  4. The man is not a golfing pal. He's just someone that George has been paired up with in the club tournament. They make small talk. George has told the man all about his wife, Lynne. He's told her all about her exhibitionism.
    The man is actually a Special Constable in his spare time. He starts telling George about his own wife, but then suddenly realises that George is one half of the couple the police have been looking for. People who live on the short cut lane have made complaints about a man with a distinctive hairstyle and a woman who sometimes looks like Geri Halliwell, who have been engaging dog walkers in sexual activity. He decides to make an arrest (Specials have the same powers as regular policemen).
    George will also be in trouble for covering up the number plates of his car.