Wednesday, June 24, 2009


George and Lynne are out on a tandem. A policeman stops them to warn them of holes in the ground caused by thieves stealing manhole covers. Lynne demands to know what the police are doing about it. The policeman replies that they are looking into it whilst looking down a manhole.

Where did George and Lynne get the tandem from? Where can you get tandems from? The only answer is holiday resorts, which gives the impression that George and Lynne are on holiday. Judging by the razor thin moustache of the policeman, it would seem they are in France. The shops seem to be a music shop called ROCK (very french) and something called Cheses. This is either the tail end of a word or a poor spelling of Cheeses, of which the proprietor should be ashamed. If they are in France, then why is the policeman talking to them in English, without a hint of an accent? Are all french policeman as well versed in foreign languages as this one or is he an exception?

Lynne is quite rude to the policeman, but if they are in France then the standard xenophobia of the late 70s would explain this. However, Lynne has no right to be so rude. Looking at the end, we see just how close George and Lynne where to riding their tandem into a man hole. No one has moved since the policeman stopped them and there is an open hole right there. I hope Lynne apologises as this policeman not only saved them from serious injury, but also he did it in English even though they are in France. If more policeman were like him the world would be a safer place.

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  1. George seems to be circling them, like a hungry shark or a red indian after the children.

    Top site, btw. Brought to my attention by b3ta.