Wednesday, August 19, 2009


George and Lynne are picking up an unnamed friend from the Law Courts. Lynne asks her how it went, to which the friend replies that the judge commended her for what she said in court. George asks whether it was for bravely giving vital evidence in such an important case. The friend says it wasn't for that, but giving him her telephone number.

Are George and Lynne actually going to pick up this friend or are they just passing the law courts whilst out for a drive. I suspect the former, but if that was the case wouldn't they park up and wait inside whilst the friend gives her evidence? 'I'm going to court today, can you come with me?' 'No, but we'll pick you up.' Maybe this is feasible, but you would think that the friend would be able to find a friend who would actually accompany her rather than swinging by on the way back from the new boutique.

The friend has left the court and Lynne has asked how it went, which implies that the case was very much affecting the friend, rater than being an eye witness to a hit and run. George uses the words bravely, vital and important, which suggest this is big. Bravely giving evidence means that by doing this she is either recounting something that was personally harrowing for her or, even worse, is putting herself in danger for giving the evidence, maybe due to the fact she was an eye-witness in a murder case, or maybe just saying something which goes against the defendant's alibi. Vital evidence suggests that without this evidence a conviction could not take place. The police have relied on this evidence as the basis of their case. Important suggests that the police could finally convict a local gangster, perhaps of even more magnitude than Dodgy Dave.

So the unnamed friend has just given evidence in a murder case in which a very powerful and dangerous gangster could be locked up putting her very life in danger.... and she gives the judge her phone number! Not only is she so relaxed in what should be a time of great anxiety, but the judge has accepted it! How corrupt is this town? It is the judge who should be investigated. Isn't it normal practice to find the woman in contempt of court? That said, she is wearing a low cut top which is enough to make any mild mannered judge hot under the collar.


  1. As he has agreed to give the woman a lift home from court, George really should pull his seat forward a bit to allow her sit in the back properly. Forced to sit sideways like this will do her spine no good at all (she'll struggle with the seatbelt too). Her large breasts no doubt already put considerable strain on her back, making proper posture even more important.

  2. More to the point Wayne, when did George fit out the back of his saloon car like a limousine, with seats down the side? Clearly the friend is over-excited about the prospect of a date with the judge, and is jumping from side to side in this souped-up car. George is clearly beginning to realise that the money he spent on pimping his ride may have been wasted, as his constant need to switch over which shoulder he uses to look down the friends top is likely to cause an expensive accident.

    Oh, and I think we all know that the friend believes that one look at her perky 'little' appendages will quickly put paid to the judge, and she'll be privy to his millions. Let's hope she wasn't giving evidence in a poky magistrates court in Wimbledon.