Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Lynne and 'Mantha are showering. Lynne tells 'Mantha that the new cosmetic surgery place has a number of special offers. 'Mantha asks what they are, to which Lynne replies that one is two nose jobs for the price of one. 'Mantha foolishly asks who has two noses, to which Lynne replies that it is aimed at couples.

Lynne and 'Mantha are obviously very good friends to be able to be that liberal with their showering. They have no problems exposing their bodies to each other after what we can assume was a rigorous swim or healthy workout. Are George and Sammy as liberal, or are they far more manly and not even talk to each other at a urinal? Never mind that, look at the colouring of the tiles in the shower. There's only one place that matches green and purple; Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Association. These women have had a workout on centre court! This may answer the forever asked question of where do George and Lynne live. It is answered. They live in or just outside Wimbledon.

Is she just mentioning the cosmetic surgery place, as if it were a new hair salon, as a sly dig at 'Mantha's appearance? I'm sorry Lynne, but 'Mantha does not need cosmetic surgery. However, Sammy does have rather a large nose, so maybe it is a way of altering his appearance. Most of Sammy's charm is in his nose, even though it has gotten very red due to his excessive drinking.

'Mantha's comment is silly. She didn't think about it at all, and Lynne rightly corrects her. If she had let it go it may have made the afternoon go a little smoother. 'Mantha will feel that Lynne has been condescending towards her and will cancel lunch. Lynne will feel guilty for talking down to her friend and have a little cry. She will tell George about what happened who will consequently mention it to Sammy in the pub that night. They will both agree that this little spat is the only silly thing going on around here and talk to their respective wives about a reconciliation. Both couples will have lunch the next day and the disagreement will be forgotten and laughed about over a bottle or two of blue nun.



  1. Do you think that Lynne had a nose job in "Novel"?

  2. If you watch the new (second) series of Kevin Bishop's show on 4OD, either the first or second show has the Hollywood remake of George and Lynne.