Friday, July 17, 2009


George and Sammy are fishing on a boat. George lets Sammy know that both of their wives have suddenly announced they have gone skiing. Sammy is glad at this news as they will now have some peace for their fishing. Just then Lynne comes past on water skis being pulled by a 'Mantha driven speedboat. To confirm this sighting, George tells Sammy they are water skiing.

It is a much nicer day than the last time George and Sammy went fishing as George has opted for denim shorts this time. The water is calm and the fishing is good. George announces their wives disappearance in in a very strange way. Sammy must have asked a question beforehand for George to talk in that way. Something along the lines of 'What was all that talking when I was in the toilet just before we left?' That way George could answer in this manner.

Now, as George and Sammy are together and they talk of their wives being together, they must be on one of their famous weekends away together. It happens about once every other month, usually involving water in some way. With this now being fact, Sammy's reaction is very odd. Does he truly believe that the wives, Lynne and 'Mantha, have actually gone skiing in mountains? Unless they were in the Highlands or near a dry ski slope, then he must think they have actually hopped on a plane to go skiing. This is a preposterous thought. Lynne is known to do wild things but abandoning a holiday to go skiing is a little far fetched. Maybe Sammy was so incensed by his dementia at their previous trip that all he wants is some peace.

Lynne's water skiing looks quite good, not to mention 'Mantha's speed boat driving skills as she drives very close to George and Sammy's boat with only one hand on the steering wheel. This leads to another assumption that they have done this before, or at least had some very intense training this morning. So Sammy is even more foolish to think they'd booked a ski pass on the mountains. But he's not thinking that, he's just thinking about another day's fishing ruined.

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