Thursday, November 25, 2010


George is going fishing with his friend Harry and tells Lynne when he arrives. Lynne tells George to have fun and adds that Alice is popping in for coffee. Alice seeks Lynne's approval about her short skirt. Lynne doesn't think it's too short and then thinks that Alice is fishing for compliments.

George did not really need to tell Lynne that he was going fishing as the rod, net and bag of bait are quite prominent. In truth, by making a big show of going fishing, George is more likely to be using this as a cover up. On the evidence of our last two meetings with Harry, it's more likely that George is going to try and pick up women.

Harry may have changed his ways though. He now has a girlfriend who has been introduced to his circle of friends. Lynne, being a generous sort, has invited Alice for coffee to get to know her better while the men 'fish'. Lynne immediately regrets this decision as Alice has already started fishing for compliments and removing her clothes; she has taken her top off before even getting up the drive. Fishing trips usually last the best part of an afternoon, so by the time George and Harry come back, they will be shocked to find Lynne throttling a naked Alice in the living room.


  1. That's not really a "dress" is it? Maybe I'll start attending meetings in just my pants and tell people it's a suit.

  2. This is just girls' code. We blokes don't understand.

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