Monday, November 1, 2010


Lynne is taking a shower. She thinks to herself that it was a shock to find her hotel not finished. She is willing to let it go because the hotel staff are doing their best. We see a Spanish man, called Carlos, pouring water on Lynne from a watering can. He says 'De nada, Senora' after Lynne thanks him.

After a sticky flight and arriving in sweltering temperatures, Lynne needs to freshen up with a cool shower. Even though she was undoubtedly shocked to find that that the hotel was not finished, even she cannot have thought that she would have to take a shower like this. When the concierge said at reception that the hotel was not finished, what he should have said was that they have no plumbing.

Finding your hotel unfinished was a classic horror story from 1980's holidays. Of course what usually happened was that tourists were thrown in to sub-standard accommodation. In this case, they are helping out to make sure all the advertised amenities are available to patrons. Carlos, who is more than happy to muck in, has drawn what is far from the short straw of climbing around the rooftops and pouring water onto guests in the place of showers. But where is he getting this water from? If the hotel has no plumbing, where exactly is he getting the water from? It is either from the sea or a nearby drain. Either way, it certainly won't help Lynne freshen up. You have to feel sorry for the poor chap who's having to clear the toilets.


  1. Perhaps he's clearing the toilets from the room above?

  2. In this role-play, George has adopted the name Carlos, an anticipatroy homage to Gavin & Stacey.

  3. Where is George? is he

    (a) recording this on his "camcorder"?
    (b) pissed as a newt in the bar with Sammy?
    (c) getting similar treatment from Carlos's sister in a nearby shower?
    (d) back at home thumbing through his collection of sneakily taken Polaroids of Lynne?

  4. On second thoughts, answers on the back of a Polatoid, please, to:

    Mr & Mrs Glance-Furtive,
    Sprawling Place,
    GE0 4GE