Monday, November 29, 2010


George and Lynne are out shopping. Lynne notices Fran and tells George that she's been under the surgeon's knife six times for plastic surgery. George says it's more like drastic surgery.

George and Lynne are in a shop called either Blues or Sick. Wherever they are, it is quite expensive as some of the items cost £59. It sells coats of many colours. Lynne is looking for a coat to go with her pink blouse.

Fran has had plastic surgery six times. As she looks fine, George's comment that it is for drastic surgery can only mean one thing. Fran has been both unfortunate and fortunate in her life. She has been unfortunate because she has been involved in six terrible accidents that have scarred her and have required plastic surgery. She has been fortunate that her surgeon is the best in the business, and has fixed her up every time, so much so that she still looks great. It is quite strange that she used to have a massive nose and chin though. It makes you think that she got into those accidents on purpose.

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  1. George and Lynne have been having a spot of lunch with Sammy. Although Sammy can handle his Lambrusco, G&L are a bit worse for wear.

    Nipping into Blues department store on the way home might not have been a good idea as they bump into Fran.

    At first Fran is happy to see G&L, but their sudden 180 degree turn back to the sports jacket rail coupled with their loud comments about Fran sours the meeting.

    Perhaps this is why people often pretend not to know George and Lynne.