Tuesday, November 23, 2010


A plumber is working on George and Lynne's bathroom while George watches. The plumber says that fitting the new sink isn't easy. From another room, Lynne asks if it is a bit of a tight fit. After seeing Lynne in a skimpy outfit, both George and the plumber think the same thing, that she can say that again.

George has had no choice but to call out a plumber. After removing the old sink, George had a go at fitting the new sink but he realised it was beyond his capabilities. Whilst watching the plumber struggle, he has a mild sense of justification that even a professional plumber has had trouble with it.

The plumber, who can't even do his job properly, is walking on thin ice by knocking off to ogle Lynne. George will soon turn round to find him staring right at the exposed Lynne. Hopefully George will just give him one of his patented deathly stares but if the plumber hasn't noticed him, he could be on the wrong end of a bunch of fives. George will then be forced to fit the sink himself after being blacklisted by every plumber in the SW19 post code.


  1. Lynne is out running with Mantha in her inappropriate running gear. Meanwhile George is at home playing out a gay-porn fantasy with a friend he met on the common.
    Lynne returns earlier than expected and is puzzled by the name of the videotape that the boys left in the VCR.
    The boys have guilty smiles but even guiltier thoughts.

  2. The men realise that Lynne has kept herself trim, and exercised her pubococcygeus muscles, so that all will be well in union. Thankfully, she's married and George will realise that potential and enjoy his wife.