Friday, November 5, 2010


George and Lynne are on their way to a fireworks display in the park. George reminds Lynne that it starts in half an hour. Outside a house, he then tells Lynne that they promised to pick up Ed and Annie. Lynne says she thinks she can hear them. As they look through the curtains they see Ed and Annie fighting and George says it looks like the fireworks have already started.

Lynne's mind is going. George has to remind her first where they are going and then why they have stopped. However it is George who needs reminding as the fireworks in the park have already started. If Ed and Annie live that close to the park, then it is a wonder why they need to be driven there. They should really give it a miss. They can clearly see the fireworks from Ed and Annie's garden and that bonfire looks out of control.

Ed and Annie are having an argument. We don't know what it's about but it has escalated so far that Annie has felt the need to throw a book at Ed. This may just be a trivial argument about a novel they have both read. Ed enjoyed it but Annie didn't. If George and Lynne stick around, they would find that out. They don't. They leave hastily because not only do they not want a rowing couple in their car, but also they realise their car has no back seats.

Ed and Annie wait three hours for George and Lynne to come. They watch the fireworks display from their window and decide they don't need friends like George and Lynne. Just see, you'll never see them again.

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  1. Ed and Annie have invented a new game: dodgebook. It's a bit like dodgeball with the obvious substitution of a book. there is a sliding scale of points for hitting the target based on weight - and quality - of the book.

    George knows how long these games go on for and also doesn't like playing so he & Lynne sneak off before they get roped into a game of mixed doubles.