Tuesday, November 16, 2010


George is reading when Lynne comes in and says that sometimes she'd call him really lazy. George gets up and says that she can call him what she likes as long as she calls him for dinner.

It's early evening in the George and Lynne household and Lynne is making dinner while George relaxes. Whatever George is reading is very poorly put together. There is no headline at the top of the front page and just a blank space where a picture should be. Lynne has been calling him to peel some potatoes but George has said he is busy. Lynne thinks he is just reading the paper when in fact he is approving a draft of the new company newsletter. If George's property law firm wants to move headfirst into the 1980s, then a company newsletter is a perfect accompaniment to their already strong market share.

From the background of the last frame, this might be a special dinner. The dining table is set, wine is out and there also seems to be a bread roll already put out. If they are expecting guests then Lynne is nowhere near ready. Not only is she only just asking George to peel the potatoes, she isn't even dressed. If, however, this is late afternoon rather than early evening then those rolls may be a little hard by the time the guests arrive. Lynne needs to manage her time a bit better, and that company newsletter won't approve itself.


  1. What we don't see is the aftermath of this conversation where Lynne goes beserk with the carving knife that she is carrying.

  2. What is George looking at, behind Lynne?

  3. If that's the same outfit we've seen before, her bare bum!