Wednesday, November 10, 2010


George is running with a unnamed friend. The friend tells George that they say a distant relative of his wife was a famous pirate. George wants confirmation that the pirate had an eye patch, peg leg and a parrot on the shoulder. The friend wants to know if George has met his wife.

George and his friend appear to be taking part in some sort of local fun run. Not only is it those two, but a woman is also running behind them. That said, none of them are wearing numbers and the lady in the brown is more interested in the shrubbery than the run, so it is more likely to be a jogging club.

George's friend's wife looks like a pirate. Unless the friend is trying to be funny by saying his wife is a bit ugly, and by the looks of George's face this isn't the case, his wife really does have an eye patch, a peg leg and a parrot on her shoulder. She really must be a sight and if George hasn't actually seen her, then he must have heard about her. There's no way a woman with that appearance would have got past Lynne's radar. It's likely that she isn't actually related to a pirate, but in fact this is a cruel joke played by the local residents because they think she looks like a pirate. The truth is she lost her eye and leg in a car accident and it is only the companionship of the parrot that has stopped her sinking into a deep depression.


  1. Georges new running mate is the upcoming TV sports pundit David Icke. But by the look on Georges face he can't help thinking that some of Davids comments are a bit bizarre.

  2. George's un-named friend seems to not feel affection for his wife, and is speaking unkindly of her. How can this be?