Tuesday, November 30, 2010


George and Lynne are canoeing. George tells Lynne that the local MP is writing a book set on the high seas and that it is a true tale of skullduggery, romance and buried treasure. Lynne adds that it all went on during the MP's fact-finding cruise last year.

George and Lynne are not experienced canoeists. They have opted for life jackets and safety helmets. The guide warned them of rapids so they took the safe option. This decision was needed even more when George and Lynne both realised that they would be canoeing and not kayaking, a mistake the inexperienced boatman usually makes.

Lynne is right, the MP's book is based on his cruise last year. During his time on the QE2, he tricked a fellow passenger into giving him £12, had a quicky with one of the crew and then lost his signet ring in the mash potato which he had to dig out. Not a compelling read.

Lynne's attempt at satire is directed at the MP for getting up to all sorts on his fact-finding cruise. However she should really be directing her humorous vitriol at whoever thought it a good idea to send the MP for Wimbledon to the Bahamas to find out more information about the possibilities of introducing speed bumps on Parkside.

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