Thursday, November 18, 2010


George and Lynne are at a dance. George tells Lynne that 'Kiss and Tell' stories are always a hazard for the rich and famous. He continues by saying that it all started centuries back, so long ago that the first was a 'Kiss and William Tell' story.

In order to regain their reputation, George has paid an extortionate amount for him and Lynne to go to an exclusive black tie dinner dance. At £100 a plate, it really is only the glitterati at this event. Look, is that Paul Newman dancing with the woman in red?

Due to the amount of celebrities at this event, George tries to impress Lynne with his knowledge of celebrity culture. He should keep his voice down as it looks as if Paul Newman has overheard him. Luckily for George, he does not go on to expose any celebrities. He is merely setting himself up for a poor joke. Unfortunately Lynne thinks that this is the true history of the term 'kiss and tell' and will go on to tell her friends. She will then be the laughing stock of the community and people will have more than one reason to hate her.


  1. George and Lynne are, of course, celebraties in their own right and have been very patient with us following them through so many years.

  2. Poor, even by George and Lynne standards.