Wednesday, November 24, 2010


George is doing the dishes when Lynne enters the kitchen and tells him she is off to her old school class reunion and asks how she looks. George says she looks in a class of her own.

Now we know that George and Lynne did not meet at school. Usually these reunions involve being allowed to take partners but not in this case. Lynne is going alone and has dressed up to try and impress her old schoolmates as they all said she'd amount to nothing.

George and Lynne have obviously neglected the dishes over the last few days. Instead of washing up after each meal or before bed, they have let the dishes stack up. We can only hope that they at least rinsed them, otherwise their kitchen will be a hive for germs. George saw a line of ants so thought it was time to wash up.

Lynne is really asking how she looks because the upstairs is as bad as the kitchen. Soiled clothes have been strewn everywhere and this dress is literally the only clean thing she could find. She was hoping to wear something a little more businesslike, but her trouser suit is covered in yoghurt.


  1. Does someone out there know why G&L has disappeared from the online Sun?

  2. No idea. But it is still being updated. The link is here:

  3. it seems that Lynne hasn't told George where she is going in advance. George takes this in his stride as it means that he can sneak down to the pub to ogle the new barmaid.

  4. ... but George is, as a husband, satisfied with Lynne, the memories and the future expectation of Lynne, and looks forward to when Lynne returns and she can regale him with accounts of schoolfriends whose husbands have left them but she still has a man who is heartily satisfied wth her; this evening's love-making will be all the more intense with her satisfaction in George, too.

  5. Got the link. Thanks, Robbo