Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Lynne is getting a massage. The masseuse, Maya, tells Lynne that things are getting serious between her and Mac. Lynne asks her if she hears wedding bells. Maya says that she certainly does because he lives next to a church. She finally exclaims that the church makes a racket.

Lynne is very loyal to her masseuse. We have seen her on the massage table twice before. Maya, the masseuse, thinks that she is now in a serious relationship. We don't know her reasons for thinking this. It might be because she has been spending a lot of time at his house, which is next to a church.

Maya is clearly not a religious woman. She finds the noise of the bells, which signify a wedding or to call worshippers to prayer, disturbing and ruin the ambience of her day. She has heard them so much that she sometimes cannot distinguish between the sound of the bells and her memory of the sound and she tries to drown them out by putting her fingers in her ears. If Maya finds the noise of the bells so annoying it doesn't hold much hope for the relationship. Especially if Mac is a religious man.

It could be that it isn't the bells that Maya dislikes, but the aeroplanes. Mac lives next door to the church that Lynne visited. The sound of the planes is too much for Maya. She should have said that in the first place, so Lynne wouldn't think that she's a God hating satanist.

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