Monday, June 7, 2010


A policewoman approaches Lynne and shows her a photo, asking if she has seen the man in it. Lynne says that she hasn't but tells the police officer that she'll call 999 if she does but only after he has taken her out for dinner. The policewoman agrees that the man in the photo is very attractive.

The investigation into catching this criminal mastermind has hit a dead end. The Wimbledon police force are so baffled by the whereabouts of said criminal that they have resorted to asking members of the public on the street if they have seen the man. This is certainly not a covert operation. It seems that the policewoman here has made rather a silly error when arresting this man previously, like forgetting to lock his handcuffs, and is too embarrassed to go back to the station to tell her superior. She is trying to find him without having to admit to losing yet another criminal.

Lynne is very trusting. She will agree to have dinner with a man just on the strength of his looks, even though she is not only married but also she has absolutely no idea of the severity of his crime. Granted he could be wanted on three counts of fraud or using a stolen credit card, in which case the meal she gets with him could be quite lavish, but he could be a dangerous murderer. Also, the fact that she would contemplate going to dinner with a stranger suggests that she is propositioning every attractive man in the Wimbledon area for meals. It would seem that she can't walk 100 yards without expecting to be invited out on 5 dates.

The policewoman soon changes her tune when she too notices the level of attractiveness of the man in the photo. She forgets all about her task and stares into the photo dreamily. This is undoubtedly how she lost him in the first place. As he was being arrested he charmed his way out of the situation thus leaving the hapless policewoman in a trance like state. Judging by the fact the man in the photo is wearing a bow tie, he's likely to be in Geneva by now.


  1. Of course, the policewoman could be a strippergram who is having trouble finding her 'victim'.