Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Lynne and 'Mantha are out horse riding. Lynne tells 'Mantha that Ed says he'll never get another. 'Mantha asks Lynne if he said why. Lynne replies that it was too difficult and expensive to keep. 'Mantha asks Lynne if she is talking about horses. Lynne says that she is not; she is talking about wives.

Once again, Lynne and 'Mantha are out enjoying a luxury hobby. This time it is horse riding. They seem to be good at this because they have no trainer and have their horses under control. Although 'Mantha has failed to co-ordinate her earrings with anything she is wearing, she has matched her riding helmet with her blouse. Lynne has also co-ordinated her outfit by matching her riding gloves with her trousers.

It appears that Lynne has deliberately set out to confuse 'Mantha by not telling her initially that she was talking about wives. 'Mantha assumes she is talking about horses, presumably because they are riding horses and were probably talking about them too. This conversation would be a bit deeper had Lynne told 'Mantha that Ed says he'll never have another wife. They could then discuss just how expensive and difficult Ed's wife was rather than laughing to themselves for the next 10 minutes.

Just who is Ed that he deserves to be talked about? His surname is not mentioned so he must be well known. He may be the owner of the stable but it would be strange that the owner of a stable wouldn't get another horse. Not that he isn't getting another horse, but another wife. Why would 'Mantha think that Ed the stable owner is never getting another horse? Does she think that Ed is thinking of closing the stable? She does look a little shocked when she asks if it is horses. Where on earth would she go riding? Her smile at the end is less appreciation of Lynne's joke, but relief that her riding can continue.

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  1. Has Georges business got better? Lynne seems to be doing a lot a expensive activities lately. Only yesterday she was up in a balloon.