Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Lynne is in the shower. She thinks to herself that Alice bought a flat pack toy rocking horse for her son, but she couldn't make head or tail of the assembly instructions.

Lynne is having rather a strange shower. Firstly she is at a very uncomfortable angle. Is this a new style of shower or did George install it himself, rather shoddily? George fancies himself as a handyman but this isn't good work. After installing the cubicle he then neglected to clean the tiles, and now not only is Lynne falling to a damaged spine, she has to look at the grime on the walls.

If this rocking horse really did come in a flat pack then Alice has done a very good job of assembling it, right up to the end. She must have planed and treated the wood to get the curves around the horses thighs. Well done Alice. This last part is easily fixed. As soon as she sees that the head and tail are on the wrong way round then she can just swap them over and her son will be able to play on it. Let's hope she didn't get too cavalier with the wood glue before checking her handiwork. After that she can concentrate on the more pressing issue of her son's pig tails.


  1. I suspect that the strange shower angle is to accomodate the speech balloon and Lynne's rather splendid norks in the wide frame. It does, however, give the impression that she has been pleasuring herself in previous, unseen, frames.

  2. It's pure Lynne to be thinking of lame puns whilst in the shower though...she'll tell George when he gets home, and have one of those awkward, stilted 3-panel conversations where we start in the supermarket and finish on the moon, or something.