Tuesday, June 1, 2010


George and Lynne are at the cinema. George asks Lynne how the critics rate the film they are about to see. Lynne tells him that they said it was perfect for insomniacs.

The lights are down and the audience are in place. However George is intent on ruining it for everyone by talking. He had the entire previews and adverts to ask Lynne about the film. We can only assume that George had to meet Lynne there instead of arriving together. This may have been to do with a long day at the office, but George is not wearing a suit. The likely excuse is that he had to park the car, thus letting Lynne get out and buy the tickets. Still, the film has started and no one else is talking.

Lynne must like to thoroughly research the films she watches before going to see them as she knows what the critics think. This begs the question why she is seeing this film if it is perfect for insomniacs. By George's reaction this means that the film will be boring. There are further explanations for Lynne's decision though. The first is of course that she has a very poor grasp of the english language. She doesn't quite understand the meaning of insomnia and she may believe it has something to do with Wimbledon.

The other explanation is that the perfect for insomniacs because it tackles the issues of insomnia that non-sufferers do not understand. Lynne herself suffers mildly from insomnia and would love to see how someone else tackles the issue in a sympathetic and artistic way. George's surprise is due to the fact that he has been oblivious to Lynne's insomnia all these years and now feels bad that he hadn't picked up on it. This film is now also perfect for George to understand the suffering that Lynne goes through most nights.


  1. Lynne wants to be more concerned about who is sitting in the seat on her left. It appears to be the ogling councillor from the previous cartoon. Given that Lynne appears to have forgotten to put anything on other than a t-shirt* then she is going to be subject to a lot of wandering hands from her randy neighbour. And no, I don't mean George.

    * No doubt she was so tired after yet another sleepless night she has not dressed herself properly before leaving the house.

  2. Maybe it is the 1983 Film The Dead Zone about a man who wakes after a 5 year coma. In any case, Lynne has ample time to answer: the way the people are moving around behind them will prove a lot more distracting than Lynne's aimless whittering.

    Nice to see the old comic 'whoosh' of a fast head move used to beautifully and subtly in the final frame.

  3. Love your work, and the comments.

    I may comment more at a later date when I have recovered from the shock.... Having not seen a copy of The Sun since the early 80's, I hadn't realised that millions still enjoy the pithy humour of "George and Lynne" on a daily basis.

  4. Somni, I'm not sure that is a 'comic whoosh'. It looks more like the classic 80's toy, the aerobie. Presumably an irate cinemagoer has got so pissed off with George and Lynne's inane witterings he's thrown it with a view to decapitating George.