Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Lynne is at the dentist. She sees that two dentists are staring at each other amorously. She says that her intuition tells her that they are an item. The male dentist tells Lynne that they are in love but they want to keep it quiet. Lynne tells them that the truth is out now and then the dentist tells her that soon her tooth will be out soon also.

Lynne is at the dentist but we do not know if this is the same dentist that both she and George were at the other day. Is this a direct continuation or did Lynne miss her appointment? It may be that Lynne had something seriously wrong with her tooth which required a second appointment for some emergency surgery – by the end we realise this to be true.

The two dentists are in love but want to keep it quiet. This is because relationships between dentist working in the same surgery is incredibly frowned upon in the dental community. If these two dentists wish to keep their love to themselves they should for starters not tell a random patient, and secondly not only stop sending each other heart shaped cards but also stop pinning them up on the walls of their surgery. If anyone read the messages inside, they would be in serious trouble.

Due to his new found love, the male dentist has completely forgotten to administer the anaesthetic to Lynne. She is going to be in a lot of pain when he starts drilling into her gums. Also, he doesn't seem to have much confidence in himself as he says that 'hopefully' Lynne's tooth will come out. Is a dentist who is likely to stop half way and give up? More likely is that these are scare tactics to keep Lynne from telling everyone about what she saw.


  1. I suspect that he is a dentist that has been subject to malpractice claims in the past. Perhaps he has been molesting patients whilst they have been under anaesthetic. Anyway, whatever the reason, he is now required to have another dentist supervise him while he works. As luck would have it, he has fallen in love with his supervisor who, in reciprocating his love, has shown an admirably broadminded attitude to her sex pest lover.

    Oh, and I think the the last sentence should read 'and hopefully in a moment so will your tooth BE' or it doesn't make any sense.

  2. the commas either side of the hopefully are ominous. Lynne appears to be wearing a mouth guard. How dim is she to think that this will fox the dentist?

  3. I'm concerned that Lynne's smile will be seriously affected by this extraction as it appears she only has one big tooth

  4. Chilling is right. Lynne would have been well advised to taunt the dentists after being treated, not before.