Monday, June 28, 2010


Lynne is talking to an unnamed friend who tells her that Charlie from the circus is giving her a lift to work. Lynne is confused because as far as she knows Charlie doesn't have a car. Her friend tells her that no one mentioned a car as she gets a lift on the back of an elephant.

In a normal town, the circus usually comes in for a week, month or other set amount of time. However it seems that in Wimbledon they have their own resident circus. We know this because both Lynne and her friend seem to be familiar with Charlie, an employee of the circus. Lynne's friend knows him well enough to be offered a lift to work and Lynne knows that he doesn't own a car. How did she get hold of this information? Perhaps she regularly sees him walking around town.

We must presume that Charlie is in charge of the elephants at the Wimbledon circus, but is he really allowed to give unauthorised rides to ladies? There must be some sort of manager or owner who would veto any use of the elephant for personal gain. The other explanation is that Charlie owns the circus, but this can't be the case because he is known as Charlie from the circus and the elephant trainer would be furious at Charlie pulling rank on him and taking the elephant out.

Lynne's friend must work somewhere that is situated where she has to walk into town first. It appears from this that half the work has been done to get to town in the first place, in order to get a lift with Charlie. Will Charlie ride her right up to the office, or just to the end of the park? It just doesn't seem convenient. Lynne's friend obviously either has the hots for Charlie or just really wants to ride on an elephant.


  1. In the early 1980's the increase on tax on company cars was just beginning. It appears that Charlie has hit on an innovative wheeze to avoid any tax on employer provided transport.

  2. not only does he avoid tax, he gets a great source of nutrients for his roses.

  3. I reckon Charlie is the elephant trainer himself - his boss has no problem with occasional personal use of the elephants as it's good publicity for the circus.