Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Lynne tells George that she has been asked to join a local art class. George is surprised as he thought she didn't like painting. Lynne agrees that she doesn't but she is in fact the model.

George is cooking some food. He is wearing an apron because he does not want to get any of his paella on his brand new red and white stripy waistcoat. By pure coincidence it is the same pattern as his apron, or is it a coincidence? Did the waistcoat and apron come as a matching set, or was one made with the leftover material with the other?

Whatever its origin, George has decided not to risk any saffron stains and by the time he asks Lynne about painting he has removed his waistcoat and put the apron back on. It seems like a little bit of a waste of time as he has pretty much finished cooking and then removes the apron altogether, puts his food on a tray and moves to another room.

Initially, it is a little puzzling why George has not cooked for Lynne. In fact there is a very simple explanation. Lynne has been out for dinner with her friends, one of which is a member of the local art class, and George has worked late at the office. In Lynne's absence he has to cook his own dinner and, in an act of defiance, has decided he will eat his dinner in front of the telly. Of course he is not so decadent that he didn't want to protect his clothes.


  1. Good job Lynne doesn't have the painters in.

  2. Lynne has got a serious problem with short term memory. It only seems a few days ago that she was pouring a drink over a lecherous councillor for ogling her. Now, she can't wait to get her kit off for the local art society. C'mon Lynne, make your mind up love.