Thursday, June 17, 2010


Lynne is getting a massage. The masseuse tells her that her last boyfriend was a test pilot, but then she mistakenly mentioned marriage. Lynne asks if he then dumped her. The masseuse confirms this by saying that he did it at the speed of sound.

Everything is now revealed. The man that Lynne's masseuse was dating, Mac, did in fact live next to the church that was near the airport because he is a test pilot. He either needed to be close to an airport, or airfield, for his job so he rented the house next to the church. He is also incredibly interested in planes so living next to an airport is a delight for him.

Maya thought that her and Mac were getting serious, as she told Lynne before, but it turns out she had completely misread the relationship. Mac had caught wind of Maya's dislike of the sound of aeroplanes and was planning to end the relationship. He finally had the chance to end it when she mentioned marriage. She used the phrase, “of course when we're married we won't be living next to an airport.” This was the last straw so Mac ended the relationship immediately. Maya says it was at the speed of sound, which just means that he told her rather than writing it down.

This is not the first time that Maya has cried in front of Lynne. The last time she had a problem with a boyfriend she burst into tears. By the look on Lynne's face, she is thinking “oh no, not again.” Maya needs to learn to be more professional. After Lynne complains to the manager, Maya will get an official warning to stop letting her emotions get the better of her in front of clients. Maya is then sent home and to come back when she's sorted herself out. The massage centre likes to look after its staff, but business is business.


  1. I disagree. I read the look on lynne's as if she is thinking "So, Mac is finaly free from her clutches...

  2. Maya's boyfriend isn't the only speedy one. Is Lynne's slightly startled expression in the last frame because Maya has instantly moved from one side of the massage table to the other?

  3. These frames are suspiciously similar to the ones in the episode where Lynne was being prepared for an operation.