Tuesday, November 24, 2009


George and Lynne are walking along the beach in the evening. George has started singing a song. He sings 'Give me the moonlight, give me the girl' but he then stops singing because they are attacked by mosquitoes.

Opposites certainly do attract. George is wearing all white and Lynne is still going with the heavy metal outfit. George is serenading Lynne with a Frankie Vaughan number whereas Lynne has been rocking out to The Number Of The Beast recently. Initially she was sceptical about Bruce Dickinson joining as lead singer as she was never fond of Samson but she was turned as soon as she heard Run To The Hills. So to Lynne, George has just made up a song on the spot. This makes George look good. Well as good as you can look wearing all white.

It has to be said, but look at the size of those mosquitoes! These are not the midges of the Highlands of Scotland. It's as though these mosquitoes have mutated into killing machines. Have George and Lynne decided to have a holiday in Windscale? It looks really scary. It's almost as if the armageddon has started. Black clouds have formed in the sky and now it's so dark you can't see anything apart from the mosquitoes. It's as if the clouds are made of mosquitoes. It's so scary even Lynne's coat has turned white with fear.

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  1. In the first frame, it seems our heroes are by the coast, but they must also be near some kind of stagnant freshwater as mosquitoes cannot breed or live in the sea. It's all the salt and the waves, and indeed the higher breezes typical of the coast.

    Both are dressed to minimise their bare skin attraction to the mosquitoes, but they could do more. Application of a mosquito repellent containing 50% DEET will keep the mosquitoes away, certainly for a few hours. DEET has been demonstrated by far the most effective repellent, and although slightly oily, is still much better than being bitten all night.