Monday, November 9, 2009


Lynne and 'Mantha are in a line for a helicopter ride for charity. The man selling tickets tells them to stand back as the helicopter takes off. As it does take off it blows off their clothes. The ticket seller decides to sell tickets to look at the sexy ladies for charity.

As Lynne and 'Mantha can no longer work for charity, they have to give money the normal way. In this case it is taking a ride in a helicopter, with the proceeds going to charity. Although a ride in a helicopter would normally be a big draw, there are only 4 people queuing up. However there must be at least another two in the helicopter. So in total 6 people want a ride in a helicopter. Unless this man in the hat and sunglasses is selling tickets for £100 each then it's not going to be a very lucrative day.

Once the helicopter takes off, Lynne and 'Mantha's clothes are blown clean off. These must be some shoddy clothes. How can a fierce gust of wind blow dresses off? By the look of them when they are in the queue, the dresses look quite tight fitting. Either they are factory seconds or the short man in the queue has secretly unzipped them. They were so excited to go on the helicopter that they didn't notice some fat fingers running down their backs.

The man with the hat and sunglasses does some quick thinking and in the time it takes for the helicopter to come back he has drawn up a sign selling the sexy ladies. His lettering is very good and he must have used the other side of his helicopter sign, but to draw it up so quickly it appears he must have been in cahoots with the short fat man who unzipped their dresses. Are the sexy ladies more lucrative than the helicopter rides? The man in the hat and sunglasses must think so. He now has four people buying tickets, but two of those could be the helicopter pilots. One man is so pleased that he is holding up his Donkey Kong game.


  1. thats a donkey kong game? i thought it was a digital camera

  2. At last, Lynne and 'Mantha seem to have got themselves a pimp.

  3. If those dresses had been sucked into the helicopter's rota blades there could have been a potential disaster. But Lynne is showing admirable public spiritedness lately both in helping out charities and rejuvenating failing local businesses. Her choice of underwear is also trailblazing for the 1970s and I'm sure was much appreciated by those present.