Thursday, November 19, 2009


Lynne is out jogging when a young girl called Becky comes past on her bike. She says hi to Lynne who says hi back. Lynne asks Becky how she found school today. Becky replies that it was easy, and goes on to add that it hadn't moved since yesterday.

Lynne is either about to go jogging or has just finished her jog as she is stretching off. It is very important to warm up before exercise and to warm down after exercise. It prevents injuries and strains so Lynne is right to do it. As she looks quite made up, it seems she is stretching off before going for a jog. As Becky has just returned from school on a bike, Lynne will have to be careful the route of her jog doesn't hit the after school crowd as it might upset her rhythm. Lynne may not be training for a marathon, but she likes to stay in shape so a bad jog may ruin her entire day.

The education system in Wimbledon is failing. No, that is unfair. It is wherever Becky used to go to school that is failing. This is a girl of about 15 who not only does not understand a simple question about her day, but thinks that schools in this area change location on a daily basis. Lynne has enquired about Becky's day, but Becky has taken it very literally. This may be down to her intelligence, but it might be down to the fact that Becky's last school was situated on the back of a lorry. We can only assume that Becky either had a torrid time trying to find the school yesterday, which may have been her first day, or she assumed that it wouldn't have been in the same place because of the fluidity of the location of her previous school.

Trying to guess the location of a school is not a good way to start a day. The children in that mobile school must be perpetually behind in their work as they spend most of the morning trying to find the thing. It's no wonder Becky's parents pulled her out of that school and put her in one with static walls. Of course it could be this school that is situated on the back of a lorry but it has broken down so hasn't been able to move today. Either that or it parked in a residential area and is now clamped. Where will it be tomorrow? Who knows, with all the two hour parking in Wimbledon, it could be anywhere.


  1. Becky is obviously American. She goes to the International School in Wimbledon where they try to merge their American style with correct British school uniform, hence the school blazer and 80s shirt lapels blending nicely with check Bermuda shorts. She may not have been in the country long, her father has recently been moved here by IBM, so finds the English road systems a bit confusing.

  2. Nice to see Lynne being subjected to a piss poor joke for once. She's normally the one making others wait for the sub-standard punchline.