Monday, November 16, 2009


George and Lynne are out on a rowing boat. George comments that there is nothing like a relaxing day on the river to which Lynne makes an unimpressed sound. George tells her to quit moaning, row and enjoy the view. Lynne decides to take her top off and tells George to row and admire the view. George agrees this is a good idea.

George certainly is stuck in the 70s when it comes to women's rights. He has suggested a river trip and has then demanded that she row the boat. You would think that this isn't very gentlemanly but maybe he has injured an elbow playing tennis. However if that was the case it is rather a foolish idea to go rowing. Yes Lynne can row but if something happens to her then there is no contingency plan. They could quite easily be stranded on the river; two adults with bad arms. Swimming is an option but with a bad arm that will also be difficult. They will just have to wait for assistance and hope the current doesn't pick up.

Lynne doesn't want to row and it takes some quick thinking from her to get out of it. Thanks to her impressive chest, she can persuade George to take the oars. It looks as though George will do anything to get a look at his wife's breasts. This would seem strange for a couple who appear to be very at ease with each other. However, what with the birth of the internet still a good 13 years away, at least in the home market, George needs to get his fix of nudity somehow.

Let's hope that the view of Lynne does not take George's attention away from rowing too much. For an inexperienced rower like himself, as he is obviously not injured so he probably didn't want to row through fear of showing his laughable technique, the waters can be a dangerous place. Too much staring and not enough awareness could cause that row boat to get caught in some reeds, or a shallow bank. It should now be Lynne's job to navigate because, let's be fair, she isn't doing anything else.

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