Thursday, November 12, 2009


George covers Lynne's eyes and asks her to guess who it is. Lynne replies that it is the love of her life. George tells her she is right and confirms that it is indeed him who covered her eyes. Lynne says she was expecting Colin Farrell, but she quickly retracts that remark by saying she was only joking. When she walks away she says that it was actually Brad Pitt she was hoping for.

Unless strange men are making the habit of wandering around George and Lynne's house, then the answer to the question of 'Guess Who?' can only be George. If they had some builders or decorators in, it is possible for it to be one of them, but it would be very unprofessional for a reputable builder to walk into his client's bedroom while she is in her underwear and play a flirtatious game with her. That sort of behaviour may work on the spinsters of Wimbledon but not here. You get on with the job and only call up the stairs if you wish to speak to the lady of the house.

In the remaining part of this episode, Lynne mentions two men we have not heard of before; Colin Farrell and Brad Pitt. As this is 1982, these obviously cannot be the current Hollywood actors of the same name as they will have been aged 5 and 18 respectively. That said it may be the same Brad Pitt. Do we know if he went on a school exchange to the London suburbs in the early 80s? If Lynne has fallen for the good looks of an 18 year old American then the marriage is surely in danger. Does the now 54 year old Lynne look back at her time when she could have snared a future movie star with regret or thank her lucky stars she stayed with George for a happy life?

Alternatively, these are local men who just happen to have the same names of movie stars now. Perhaps this is why this episode is so intriguing. What are the chances of those two local men that Lynne finds attractive having the same names as future Hollywood movie stars? It's slim that's for sure. The problem is though that these are real men that Lynne is actually in love with. Why on earth did she marry George if she held a torch for these men? Let's hope it is just a phase and it won't turn into a full blooded affair. However it seems it already has escalated into an affair as Lynne truly was expecting Brad Pitt (from Colliers Wood) to walk into her bedroom. Does he have a key, or is he a reputable painter and decorator?


  1. Or perhaps, just perhaps, it isn't 1982?

  2. It's another time travel episode - they stepped through the portal, went to the cinema, and stepped back. They really should think about getting some lottery tickets sorted to pay for their time portal, they can't be cheap or more people would have them.

    They must have seen more than one film as Brad Pitt and Colin Farrell have never appeared on-screen together.