Thursday, November 5, 2009


Lynne is at a party. An unnamed woman approaches her and comments that the dress she has chosen is rather daring. Lynne agrees and adds that she thinks it's a bit too daring as one man has had his eyes on her boobs all evening. The woman asks if it is her husband, George. George interjects from afar that it isn't him but the woman's husband, who has come for another look.

Lynne is fast becoming the Jennifer Lopez/Elizabeth Hurley of the Wimbledon party circuit. After the furore surrounding that last dress she wore, you would think that she might have chosen something a little more conservative this time. But Lynne is a daring woman herself so it is fitting for her to wear a daring dress. Luckily she has decided against any form of jewellery which might find its way to her nether regions. If she had, my guess the man with the rakish moustache in the background would have been first to offer his assistance.

It seems that the unnamed woman, who is probably jealous of both Lynne's dress sense and guts, has tried to guess a joke that she thought Lynne was going to say. She thought Lynne would say 'my husband, George!' if asked which man had been staring at her boobs, so has tried to get in there first. My how it's backfired. The last thing she expected was it to be her own husband. Egg is now well and truly on her face.

George and Lynne know each other extremely well. They also have a small vendetta against this lady and her much older husband. Granted, this man has been staring at Lynne's boobs all night so this is ample reason to exact their own form of vengeance. After the third time he came over, Lynne went to George and they discussed this man. Just then, they saw the wife spot Lynne and come over to say hello. They have pre-planned the joke and knew full well the woman would passively accuse George of being the perverted one. George and Lynne then riff off each other effortlessly with the grace of Flanders and Swann.


  1. The idea of them being Flanders and Swann is not necessarily fitting to their (as yet undetermined) class (noveau riche), but it is brilliant.

  2. It seems strange that Lynne appears not to be bothered by the leering husband until the last frame when she produces one of her trademark sneers. Until then she is almost smiling. Perhaps it is the sudden lurch towards her that the ogler does. Either way, judging from the other woman's reaction her hsuband is on for a terrific ear bashing when he gets home. But for now, I suspect that a fight between Lynne and the other woman might be on the cards.