Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Lynne is out and about. She is talking to a woman wearing an open shirt who tells her that she wants to be a fashion designer. Lynne tells her that she thinks she has a distinctive look. The woman asks Lynne if she shows promise. Lynne replies that she might be showing too much promise as George and Sammy are staring at her.

There must be a conversation we've missed here. There is surely no way that this woman has stopped Lynne to tell her that she wants to be a fashion designer. Does she actually hang around street corners wearing provacative clothes telling people her proposed vocation? No, the beginning to this conversation must be Lynne saying something along the lines of 'Nice shirt' or 'I showed that much cleavage at a party last week.'

The strangely dressed woman is now asking Lynne for her approval. So Lynne has commented on her outfit or Lynne has had a previous life on the catwalk. With Lynne giving up any career she might have after marrying George, she could have done any number of things in her early 20s. She certainly has a fine array of dresses and many people in the neighbourhood have commented on her looks so she could have been a model. Perhaps the woman stopped Lynne and said 'You're Lynne, the woman who used to be a model.'

George and Sammy are also out and about. But where is 'Mantha? Has George invited Sammy out without 'Mantha? Are George and Sammy out independently to Lynne? It is likely that Lynne wanted to go shopping but George promised to meet Sammy in the pub. They had previously arranged to meet at a certain time and a certain place. It just so happens that this woman is trying to solicit clothes designs at that very place. George has told Sammy he has to meet Lynne and Sammy is going in that direction anyway so they walk together. They see the woman just as she is striking a pose to show Lynne exactly how a model would pose if she was wearing that shirt that she is wearing. Soon the woman leaves, George meets Lynne and Sammy staggers home. Nothing untoward, just a normal Saturday.


  1. Why does the designer strike such a pose in the final frame? Is she really a designer or a prospective page three girl? Either way it just goes to show that there is something in the water down Wimbledon way in the early 1980's - she's yet another well endowed woman for George and Sammy to leer at.

  2. I'd prefer that the 2nd two panels were just Lynne pointing and laughing at the woman. Look at the state of her.