Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Lynne and 'Mantha are out and about when Lynne comments that although they said they would wash any vehicle to make money for charity, she didn't expect it to be muddy tanks. However the soldiers are more than willing to wash the tanks whilst Lynne and 'Mantha sunbathe on the tank topless.

Did Lynne and 'Mantha co-ordinate their outfits for this charity vehicle wash? At first glance they are wearing the same outfit of purple halter-neck crop top and denim hotpants, but a second look shows that 'Mantha's top is more low cut than Lynne's. The dress code between them must have been denim hotpants definitely and then any purple halter-neck that you own. Let's not be too strict here.

It becomes clear that Lynne and 'Mantha did not organise this charity vehicle wash themselves. If they did, they would not have decided to go to the nearest army barracks. They would have gone to a supermarket car park instead. More cars, less tanks. No, they have signed up to an undisclosed charity to do their bit and they have been given the vehicle wash assignment. They gracefully accepted as it is certainly not the done thing to turn your nose up at charity work if you've said you'd do it. Granted, they maybe should have asked beforehand to prepare themselves, but they were undoubtedly expecting cars.

Now, do Lynne and 'Mantha still get their sponsorship money for not doing the cleaning? Have they been sponsored by members of the public or are they charging the soldiers to clean their tanks? If it is the former I suppose they could lie and say they did the washing. However if it is the latter they have to now ask the soldiers for money for washing their own tanks, lest they go back to the charity with empty pockets. What do they say? 'I'm sorry but the soldiers said they'd clean the tanks and we're far too lazy to do it ourselves. In fact we spent the whole afternoon tanning our tits.' This may be the last charity these ladies work for.


  1. I think that Lynne and 'Mantha will be asking for cash from the soldiers for getting their norks out. Wonder what George and Sammy would make of it, though?

  2. Judging by the turrent profile, those tanks are M10 Wolverine, which were obsolete by 1950 at the latest.

    Those men aren't soldiers, they are millionaire world war 2 war game re-enactors. Lets hope they give Lynne and Mantha a hefty tip. It'll have to be an oversized cheque, though, with one girl carrying each end through the town; the girls are not geared up to carry loose change in those outfits.