Monday, November 30, 2009


George and Lynne are driving to the golf course. George comments that it is a lovely day to play a round. As they get out of the car, Lynne notices a friend called Fran. She tells George that she didn't know Fran had taken up golf. She sees her kissing a man and says that she is playing around.

It looks like George is a bit cavalier with his driving. He is driven to the golf course but instead of parking in the car park where everybody else has, he has decided to just drive onto the golf course. He thinks that initially a bunker would be a good place to park but decides to drive straight through it, past the 5th tee and then parks. The club staff are hopping mad but feel constrained to do anything about it because George brings in so many hospitality parties.

Fran is new to golf. It's not that Lynne didn't know that Fran even played golf but she didn't know that Fran had taken up golf. Lynne may have had a conversation with Fran about golf recently, and that at the club she goes to George can park anywhere because he such a valued member. Fran, who has always had a problem with her parking and would like a hobby, decides golf is a good idea and, without consulting Lynne, joins the golf club. If she had told Lynne she might have found that a discounted membership fee might have been on the cards by mentioning George's name.

Fran is a hussy. Lynne, whose shirt is very unflattering, says that Fran is playing around. This means that she is currently in a relationship. It may not be serious relationship because Fran is being very open with her flirting. There are three men vying for her attention when George and Lynne arrive. At first glance it seems that the man in the red shirt is doing well but it's the man in the white shirt who seals the deal with a kiss. The man in the blue shirt is nowhere to be seen by the end of this episode. This may be to do with his lack of hat which thwarted his attempts at wooing, or that he's seen George wearing the same shirt and has run away in embarrassment.


  1. Looks like Fran is a bit of a tart. And no decent club would allow her to play dressed like that.

  2. All that bruising on Fran's face, she is either having a lot of dental work done or her pimp is knocking her about a bit.