Monday, July 6, 2009


Lynne is greeting George at the airport as George returns from a business trip. George asks Lynne if anything has happened when he has been away. After Lynne reels off the bad news from the papers, George runs to the departures section of the airport in distress to get a flight out.

George has returned from what we can only assume is a business trip. If it was a stag do or men's holiday with Sammy we would know about it; and George is wearing a suit which is a dead giveaway. It is a run of the mill business trip, but what sort of business trip can the town's best property lawyer be going on? Surely all his work is in the town. Unless it was a seminar on property law, we may be wrong about George's profession. What could he do that requires him to go on a business trip? Well, anything to be honest.

George has also returned to the only airport in the country that welcomes you to Britain. As George and Lynne live in the 70s, George naturally asks what has been happening as there is no internet and the newspaper in Europe arrives 3 days later, presumably because it comes by boat.

You would think that George is joking by running to the departure lounge in a sort of 'this country is so bad I need to get out, ha ha only joking' way but there is real distress on his face. He literally wants to leave the country and he is willing to leave everything behind to do it. George, you have a wife, a house and a job, not to mention friends and membership to a gym, don't run away from all that. Would George really have paid for a new plane ticket? It would be about 45 minutes into the flight when he realises how foolish he's been. But as the airport is so small it has the arrivals right next to the departures, any flight he gets would be landing in 45 minutes, and Luton is no place to forget your worries.

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  1. No, the real reason for George's panic is simple. Although the woman greeting him at the airport looks like Lynne it cannot be her as she is not flaunting her breasts. Indeed she is dressed rather sedately. Clearly in his absence Lynne has been replaced a 'Stepford' clone for some nefarious reason we are not privvy to!