Wednesday, July 15, 2009


George and Sammy are enjoying a drink outside. George remarks that the Barker's summer parties are hugely enjoyable. Sammy asks whether this is because the food and drink served is good, to which George replies that he has never noticed due to the sheer volume of topless women around the pool.

We join George and Sammy at the Barker's summer party. George has decided to stick with his boiler suit whereas Sammy has opted for a more seasonable all white suit. Sammy is either so uncontrollably drunk or has only gone straight to the bar as he has not noticed the plethora of topless women, one of which being his wife 'Mantha. George knows the ins and outs of these parties so has grabbed a fine spot facing the pool, whereas Sammy has the less desirable back to the pool spot, thus impeding his view.

Once again, George is ogling Sammy's wife without Sammy even knowing. Also in his view are two severely jaundiced women akin to the scientist at the last summer party they attended. The drink must flow so freely that people's livers are literally dying as they lay around the pool.

Finally, why does George shout those last words? He and Sammy were having a nice conversation and then he decides to bellow the words 'Can't say I've ever noticed!' All the other husbands around the pool are now desperately shushing him as he lets the secret out that they all go there just to look at each other's wives' breasts. All except Sammy, who has never been to this party before. If he is invited again, which he may be because he is either a new friend of the Barkers or a guest of George, he will know where to sit. That is if George hasn't ruined it for everyone.

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