Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Lynne is at dinner with a friend who is older than her. Lynne's friend comments that her doctor has advised her to lose weight or at least think about it. The friend then thinks about it, until the waiter arrives with some cakes and she stops thinking about it.

This friend of Lynne's is called Alice. We know this because the last time Lynne was in this restaurant she was with a woman who looks remarkably like this woman and was wearing exactly the same dress. Also, the last time they were there they were with a woman called Angelina who left mid way through the dinner with a man without paying, which is probably why she hasn't been invited back today.

Next time this dinner is planned it may be Alice on her own as Lynne must be getting sick and tired of Alice going on about dieting. That seems to be all she ever talks about. We now know the reason no diet seems to work, because she keeps stuffing her face full of cakes. If she has a stroke, she'll only have herself to blame. That waiter hasn't just come round with some cakes asking if she'd like some as I can't see a dessert trolley. Alice has knowingly ordered a platter of cakes from the menu. What restaurant has a platter of cakes as a dessert? What else is on this coronary of a menu? A whole gateau? A roast ox? Alice's willpower when it comes to dieting isn't very strong but this is not the right restaurant for her. Lynne, book something a little more suitable next time.

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  1. I know that Lynne has tremendous trouble getting dressed, and some days just forgets altogether, particularly if she has some pressing thought on her mind. Today it looks like she has turned up to the restaurant in just her pink slip nightgown.