Saturday, July 25, 2009


George is lounging in the garden with a cool drink whilst Lynne sees to the garden wearing hot pants and a low cut top. George comments that a good looking garden needs lots of water. Lynne replies that it mostly comes from the perspiration of the owner, meaning it's hard work and she's sweating.

It is a warm day and George has colour coded his clothes well but he probably didn't need to wear his socks. Granted, it is his garden and therefore he has the right to wear whatever he wants, even if it is socks and presumably sandals, but because it is his garden he could have gone bare foot to enjoy this relaxing drink of what looks like Appletize. Of course he could be just back from somewhere or just on his way out, or even taking a well earned break from fixing the guttering, but he looks relaxed and not like he's done any manual labour this morning, so the socks could be off.

Lynne on the other hand is dressed for the weather; all in pink. She is watering her quite frankly over grown garden and she's feeling the heat. She's sweating. But I am sorry Lynne, if you honestly believe that your plants and flowers can get as much nutrients from your sweat as they can from water then you are sorely mistaken. How is she possibly going to give them that much watering from her own sweat? Look how many flowers there are to water. She'd need to run round collecting her own sweat in a watering can and then pouring it out on to the flowers. It's just not feasible.

Imagine George's reaction when he sees what could have been prize winning Begonias withered and dying because the only water they got during this heat wave was that which came from Lynne's armpits. He'd have to add a gin to the Appletize and fast.

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