Saturday, July 11, 2009


Lynne and an unnamed friend are having a conversation. Lynne's friend mentions that she went out with a jumbo jet pilot once. Lynne asks what sort of plane it was that he flew. Lynne's friend misunderstands the question and gives Lynne a rating for the pilot of 7 out of 10.

Are Lynne and her friend in an airport? Why are they hanging out in an airport? Is this happening just before Lynne meets George? If so, is this friend driving them back or is it a chance meeting? Or does Lynne even know her and is just having a conversation to pass the time until George's plane lands?

A 727 is not a jumbo jet and Lynne should really know this. It is pretty common knowledge that a 747 is often referred to as a jumbo jet. What is most confusing however that this woman mistakes a simple question about aircraft for insight into the sexual prowess of the aforementioned pilot. If this is a stranger that Lynne has just met, I would think she would be polite enough not to ask about the performance of past boyfriends. This is the sort of conversation good friends have. That said, the woman does think it's that question and answers. However, what did she think Lynne meant? That she would rate him 727 out of 1000? 727 doesn't make sense as a question unless Lynne was asking about the type of plane that the pilot flew, which is exactly what she is asking. This other woman was going to tell Lynne her rating of the pilot no matter what Lynne asked. Lynne needs to get out of this conversation and go and meet George, unless she wants to hear about the sexual history of a stranger.

This is based on the assumption that this is a stranger. If this is a good friend of Lynne's then they are hanging out in an airport. If this is the way Lynne passes the time then someone needs to tell George.

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  1. Also if she rated him 727 out of 1000 then that's more or less the equivalent of 7/10. By correcting Lynne she's being very pedantic