Thursday, June 18, 2009


George and Lynne are in the bedroom. Lynne is reading a book in bed topless whilst George is having a glass of white wine. Lynne comments that the book she is reading is good, and wonders if she could write a romantic novel. George says he will help and that she should write from experience thus implying that they should make love.

Initially there are two things we learn. The first is that Lynne wears glasses to read. Maybe she usually wears contact lenses during the day. Were they invented in the 70s? I'm not sure. The second is that George is drunk. We know this because he has foolishly balanced his glass of win eon the duvet. No sober person has such a wanton disregard for the balance of a beverage. If it was his first, there is no doubt that that glass would be securely placed on the bedside table.

We also know George is drunk due to his advances on Lynne. For god's sake man, can't you see the women doesn't want to have sex right now. She's got her glasses on, she's reading her book and now she's physically turning away from George. As George leans in, he has a more secure grip on his wine but who knows where it could go. It almost seems like he's shouting that last word. I do hope that George isn't an angry drunk otherwise Lynne could be in for a rough night.


  1. Clearly George has commitment issues. I mean, he's a man who's certainly in his mid-30s yet still when his wife talks about romance, he's thinking about George Jnr.

    Oh, and is it just me, or does Lynne look a little bit like a man with breasts when she's got her glasses on?

  2. It does look as though those glasses have a fake nose attached to them.

  3. They might be in a hotel. George has helped himself to a tiny bottle of wine from the mini bar. He doesn't realise that he'll have to pay £11.99 for it in the morning.
    Lynn is reading a book that she has found in the bedside cabinet. It's a Gideon Bible. Many think that the Bible is the greatest book of all. Lynn agrees.