Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Lynne is watering plants in her back garden in a low cut top and hot pants. She wonders to herself that Sammy and old Mrs Warboys don't get on. She reasons with this notion by also wondering about the time Sammy thought he had seen her in the park. Just then two young boys run past with toy dinosaurs and Lynne, in her startled state, yells out 'Jurassic Park'.

We can only assume that Lynne has recently seen either Sammy or old Mrs Warboys. Why else would she be thinking about them. This isn't the same as Lynne's thoughts of Larry when she was undoubtedly power walking past his house; Lynne is in her own garden and Sammy doesn't live that close, certainly not next door anyway. And who is this Mrs Warboys that Sammy has such a problem with her? Sammy's next door neighbour? A local busybody? She must have said something about Sammy's drinking. Maybe it was that time that he took off all his clothes whilst smashed and sang My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean in the middle of the night. Whatever it was, it caused them to fall out, and that's all that matters at the moment.

But Lynne needs to justify her own thought to herself, or at least play down what she now sees as a controversial internal monologue. Now, until Lynne sees the toy dinosaurs, what was she about to say? Safari park? If she was meant to say Jurassic Park then once again we have an extraordinary coincidence. So much so that Lynne should go and have a lie down. What are the chances of thinking something like Jurassic Park and then two boys come past with toy dinosaurs.

There is only one explanation: Jurassic Park was on television, the boys saw it and decided to dig out their old dinosaur toys and at the same time whilst Lynne was thinking about Sammy, who had recently phoned to speak to George but had forgotten he was at work, she remembered that she had meant to record Jurassic Park for George but she forgot.

But George and Lynne live in the 70s, so it is just a coincidence. Have a lie down Lynne.

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