Thursday, July 23, 2009


Lynne and an unnamed friend are out. Lynne asks whether she has her mother's figure. The friend replies in the affirmative but then adds that she has inherited better from her father. Lynne asks if it his shrewd business brain that she has inherited. The lady, who is wearing a lot of jewellery, says that it is his large wealth that she has inherited whilst sitting in a sports car.

Lynne, for some reason, asks this woman if she has her mother's figure rather than simply commenting on the figure that the woman has. Who else would she have inherited her figure from? Well, knowing what we know at the end she could've quite easily said 'No, my mother's morbidly obese so I paid for liposuction and plastic surgery with all the money I inherited from my father's death.' But she didn't. Her mother was obviously known for her figure. Perhaps she was a model. Would Lynne have known that? She could have been a minor model and therefore still attractive but not well known. She is one of those periphery friends of Lynne's I think.

As Lynne asks about her father's shrewd business brain, the woman comes closer and Lynne gets to see just how much jewellery this lady is wearing. It's positively sparkling in the morning sun. Lynne is playing with her at this point. She knows full well that this woman has a lot of money but she sees that the woman is flaunting it, and not in a nice way. So Lynne keeps guessing, to make fun out of her. She also knows that her father was a very successful business man, and known about town for having married a moderately successful but very attractive model. Much like the local Bernie and Flavia Ecclestone, but a lot less successful.

As the woman climbs into her red sports car (judging by the doors it must be a Lamborghini) she yells out about her father's bank account over the roar of the engine. Lynne smiles to herself as she knows that this woman is a laughing stock about town. She inherited a lot of money and instead of intelligently investing it, she spends it all on jewellery and Lamborghinis. And not a tear of grief at the death of her father.

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