Wednesday, July 22, 2009


George and Lynne are about to go out. Lynne thinks to herself that she is ready to leave but she is waiting for George to find the car keys. In ire, she shouts out for George to hurry up and that the new boutique will be closed if they wait any longer. George shouts that that was the general idea whilst sitting on the sofa tossing the keys from one hand to another.

It is the weekend and Lynne is desperate to get to that new boutique. George is coming with her because that is what married couples do; they go to the shops together, especially in the 70s. And there is no way in hell George is going to let Lynne drive his red car (which must be new considering they were driving a blue car before). George is even more precious about his car since he had to change that wheel.

From seeing the entire story, we can learn that George is a fantastic actor. Just look at his body language when Lynne looks at him, yet he has been faking all along because he always knew where the car keys were, he just didn't want to go to the boutique.

However, George cannot contain himself once more and has to shout something which lets slip his entire plan. By shouting 'That was the general idea!', Lynne can presume he was faking the lost keys situation just to get out of the trip into town. He should have just thought it, that way still pretending to look for the keys. We can also see that George is a method actor. Instead of just standing around inside he had to feel busy to really get into the role of a man trying to find his car keys. How did he do this? He took off his blue jumper. An error in hindsight, as after Lynne finds him with the keys and they have to go to the new boutique, George will now be jumperless and a lot chillier than he had first hoped.


  1. I am not convinced George took off his blue jumper. I think he has just undone his blue jacket, revealing a white polo shirt beneath, which you can just see the collar of when he is looking hen-pecked in the first frame. It is easy though to be distracted by that lovely lilac and topaz cushion sitting next to George, and I hope they will not be replacing it at the boutique, should they ever get there. Maybe Lynn will go on her own, by means of the bus, as I assume she doesn't have a driving licence.

  2. We've never seen her drive so we can assume that. As far as the jumper conundrum is concerned, if he is not wearing one then that jacket is in dire need of an iron and reshape. With George being the breadwinner, it is something Lynne should have done a long time ago.