Thursday, May 28, 2009


George and Lynne are out for a drive. They are headed somewhere and George says he will take a short cut. Lynne says that it has been a long time since they drove down it and that it used to be called Lovers' Lane. George reminisces about those days and Lynne adds on that the nights were good too.

George drives a blue two door Mercedes hatchback. He not only suggests taking a short cut, but the short cut. There are no other short cuts to George and Lynne. Strange to think that even though it is known as the short cut, it has been such a long time since they used it. Where are they driving to? An old friend's who they haven't seen for a while; Lynne's parents perhaps. If it's such a good and memorable short cut, why don't they use it more often?

By Lynne saying it was known as Lovers' Lane implies that it was used for hanky panky. George remembers those days well, and Lynne says nights too backing up the theory that it was used for hanky panky. This means that George and Lynne have been together for sometime, which also suggests that they might be driving to one of their parents' houses. We can't see if George is wearing a tie or not, but if he was I would hazard a guess it was Lynne's parents' house they were going to as George is a gentleman. Lynne has covered up, so it certainly isn't another pool party.

Where are they driving to?

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  1. We know of Lynn's desire to undress at every opprtunity. I'm sure that Lynn is an exhibitionist and that they use the lane as a venue for dogging, especially after dark. George has obscured the car number plates to avoid prosecution, as the police have been cracking down recently. There's been far too much of it going on.